School Board

It is a legal requirement for each Independent Public School to have an elected Board. Representatives are drawn from the Woodvale staff and parent community. The Board plays an important role in the governance of the school, particularly with specific obligations associated with our IPS status.

  • Endorsement by the Board of the budget, staffing profile, strategic and business plans.
  • Signature of the chair of the School Board on the Delivery and Performance Agreement.
  • Participation by the School Board in the selection of the principal when a vacancy arises.
  • No impact on the role and function of our P & C.

The  Board also reviews our NAPLAN results, approves the Voluntary Charges and Contributions Schedule, approves the Behaviour Management Policy and reviews the results of our parent, staff and student surveys. 

Board Members


Sam Byrne

Staff representatives

Jenny Worth, Rebecca Mosel and Neil McCallum (Principal)

Parent representatives

Sam Byrne (Chairperson), Sarah Mosconi, Andrea Le Page, Nina Huynh, Brighid Jay

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