Independent Public Schools


Woodvale Primary School is an Independent Public School. Following a rigorous application process, Woodvale commenced operation as an IPS in 2011. Together with Woodvale Secondary College, Creaney Primary and North Woodvale Primary, Woodvale is now connected to a local “learning community” or cluster.

In 2012, the Woodvale Learning Community Board was established. This group will continue to act as  'think tank' to develop strategies to ensure the long-term progress of each school.

A feature of the IPS initiative is the increased autonomy and flexibility granted to schools who gain independent status. This flexibility extends to key areas of curriculum, student support, staff salaries, financial management, management of buildings/facilities and human resources.

The ability to determine the staffing profile is another positive outcome, allowing individual schools to target and recruit staff according to their needs. Principals have greater autonomy in establishing reserve accounts, the capacity to award contracts and the license to manage staff and contingencies through a one-line budget.

Parameters directing legislative requirements, accountability and governance have been clearly outlined for all participating schools. Woodvale Primary School has established a school board who endorse budget, staffing, strategic and business plans. Schools are also subject to an independent review as part of their performance agreement. These reviews were completed in both 2013 and 2016 and are available for public perusal.

2013 IPS Review

2016 IPS Review

As an IPS, Woodvale Primary retains the benefits of being connected to a large network. System level support, services, leadership training and administration support continue to be provided by the Department of Education and Training. The divesting of administrative control has also created the capacity to utilise additional support options, tailored to meet individual school requirements.

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