Vision Statement


Woodvale Primary School has three objectives which underpin all teaching and learning.

  • To promote the highest ideals of excellence in learning
  • Foster each student to reach their potential
  • To achieve this in a caring and supportive environment

Statement of Purpose

Our purpose is to ensure that students leave Woodvale Primary School well prepared for their future learning and to play an active role in civic and economic life. To achieve this purpose, students will be provided with opportunities to develop their skills, knowledge, values and confidence.

In order for Woodvale Primary School to evolve as a place of learning, the partnership between parents, students and teachers is placed at the foundation of our purpose. 

Pivotal in achieving our vision statement will be:

  • Adapting to change
  • Creating a sense of community
  • Social and civic responsibility
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Respect and equality
  • Collaboration
  • Excellence in teaching and learning
  • Approaching the future with optimism and confidence

Programs to foster our vision statement are:

  • Interactive whiteboards in each classroom
  • Mobile Apple laboratory
  • Modern, well-equipped, computer laboratory
  • iPad access for Special Needs students
  • The "Buddy" program
  • Dedicated programs in Japanese, Art, Music and Physical Education
  • Student leadership training
  • Recognition as a Waterwise school
  • Paper recycling program
  • Regular community events
  • Collaborative teaching
  • Targeted professional development for all staff

WPS School Creed

The Woodvale Primary School Creed recited by Lachlan Smith, Year 4.