Principal’s Update – May 7th 2021

Dear Parents and Carers NAPLAN Tests. The Year 3 and 5 students will be sitting for the NAPLAN tests over the next two weeks. All tests, except Year 3 Writing, are done online. Testing will take place from 9.00-10.20 from Tuesday 11th to Thursday 20th. The tests cover: Numeracy, Reading, […]

Principal’s Update

COVID-19. Many thanks to all our families who have worn masks at the school and not entered the classrooms. We hope to hear later this week about whether the restrictions will continue or not. The Interschool Sport planned for Friday is going ahead but parents are not permitted to attend. […]

Principal’s Update – 30th March 2021

Harmony Day. Parents of Area 12 students and parents of students getting a Merit Award are invited to attend the Harmony Day assembly on Thursday. We still need to follow COVID-19 safety guidelines and families will need to socially distance in the undercover area. Area 12 students will be presenting […]

Principal’s Update – 15th March

Dear Parents and Carers First term is going quickly and we only have less than three weeks left. The Year 3 and 5 students are busy practicing for the NAPLAN tests which will be held in week 4 next term. It’s been pleasing to see the Student Councillors and the […]

Cricketers Make Regional Final

Woodvale Primary School competed in the North West Metro Cricket Tournament on Thursday, 4th March. We entered 3 teams; 1 girls team and 2 boys teams. All teams competed extraordinarily well and displayed fantastic sportsmanship on the day. The Boys ‘A’ Team especially performed well, going through undefeated and fishing […]

Principal’s Update – 4th March 2021

Dear Parents and Carers The term is going quickly and with only four weeks to go we are very busy. Our Public School review was conducted on 18th February. The Director will forward a copy of their report of their visit in a week. The report will be presented to […]

Principal’s Update 11/2/2021

Principal’s Update 11/2/2021 Dear Parents and Carers Thank you all for helping to make the start of the school year so smooth. I was delighted with the way the students settled into their new classes and started learning. Thank you also for wearing masks on school grounds and following COVID-19 […]

Principal’s Update 7/2/2021

Dear Parents and CarersHopefully everyone is aware that school starts tomorrow.  COVID-19 Arrangements. We will follow the arrangements we made for last week again this week:Kindy: Parents have been informed that there will be a staggered entry with one group starting at 8.45 and another group at 9.00. This will also […]

Principal’s Update – 9th December 2020

2021 Student Councillors Congratulations to the students who were elected as Student Councillors for 2021. I’m sure the students will do a great job and be excellent student leaders at our school. Head Girl: Emily A., Head Boy: Kieran S., Councillors: Maddie M, Sophie O (absent for the photo), Blake […]

Principal’s Update 19th November

Dear Parents and Carers Colour Run. Congratulations to Bec Harris and the P&C for holding a very successful Colour Run on Friday. It was terrific to see all the students enjoying themselves and getting losts of excercise! I’m sure they were all very tired on Friday night. Many thanks to […]