What is Connect?

Connect is an integrated online platform developed by the Department of Education WA for staff, students and parents in public schools. It is used to communicate, provide and share content. View a short clip on Connect.

How do we access Connect?

Each parent will be given their own individual secure login for Connect. The username will look like this P1234567 and a temporary password is sent to the email address that you provide to the school. Accessing Connect allows you to view your child’s Connect Class and receive class and school based related notifications via email or push notification. A free app called Connect Now can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

What if I have multiple children?

You will only need one login – even if their children attend different public schools. When logging in to Connect parents will be able to see information specific to their own child such as:

– classes for each child
– week by week attendance information
– assessment outlines information drawn from Reporting to Parents
– assessments and evidence for their child
– notices from classes that automatically generate an email notification to the parents.

Connect Conditions of Use for Parents

Only parents or caregivers as defined in the School Education Act 1999 and verified by the school will be given access to Connect.

Any person signing up for the service understands there responsibility for keeping the service access details (username and password) confidential.

The Department of Education does not accept responsibility for any event arising from unauthorised access or use of Connect.

Parents agree to use Connect in accordance with Department of Education’s policies regarding Appropriate Use of Online Services. These policies can be accessed from the Connect Sign In screen. Parents are required to accept that they have read and understood these policies before access to Connect is provided.

Limits of the Service

The Department of Education provides Connect as an online service for teachers, students, parents and Department staff. Connect is a communication channel that schools may use to communicate with parents/guardians on matters impacting student education. The Department of Education does not undertake to provide all student-related information via Connect.

When using Connect, Parents agree that:

  1. The information contained in Connect is personal and private information.
  2. The parent username and password is only shared between the child’s legal parents or guardians.
  3. They will not interfere with network security, the data of another user, or attempt to log into the network with a username and/or password of another user.
  4. If they become aware of unauthorised access to my parent account they will immediately inform the school.
  5. They consent to the logging, monitoring, auditing and disclosure of their use of Connect by the Department of Education.
  6. Any breach of these conditions for which they are responsible may result in their access to Connect being suspended or revoked.
  7. They agree to use Connect in accordance with Department of Education’s policies regarding Appropriate Use of Online Services. These policies can be accessed from the Connect Login

You will confidentially be issued with your unique username and password for Connect via the email you have provided to the school.