Health & Wellbeing

School Chaplain

Mrs Sharon Warnes was appointed School Chaplain in 2013. She works at our school on Tuesdays, Wednesday (half day) and Thursdays and oversees the school’s pastoral care program. Mrs Warnes also teaches the BUZ friendship program in several classes.

Parents are welcome to contact the front office to make an appointment to see Mrs Warnes, if you have any issues concerning your child’s social and emotional wellbeing. 

School Psychologist

Often teachers will seek further assistance to identify specific learning or social problems a child may be having at school. A referral is submitted to the Learning Support Coordinator. Parents are informed and permission is always obtained when this occurs. Often parents are asked to assist the process by providing appropriate information. Once testing is completed, the findings are 

analysed and recommendations made for future action. Parents who want their child referred to the school psychologist should first have a discussion with the class teacher, or one of the administrators. 

School Nurse

A School Nurse is appointed to visit the school on a regular basis. The nurse will deal with routine matters and special referrals. Health checks on children will be followed up and parents advised if any specific problem is detected. 

Dental Therapy Centre

This free service is operating at Halidon Primary School. Its purpose is to provide a continuous preventative dental service for each enrolled child. The centre is supervised by a dental officer from the Public Health Department and is staffed by specially trained dental therapists.

Children are taught proper care of teeth and gums, and treatment (fillings and extractions) is carried out at the centre.

Dental appointment Telephone 9409 6362.