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Woodvale Primary School P & C Association is looking forward to a fantastic 2017 as we help our school celebrate its 30th Anniversary.

We have lots of exciting events planned and our subcommittees who are involved in organising the specific events are always looking for volunteers.

Come along to our next P & C meeting on June 7th: 7 p.m. in the Specialist Area and find out how you can get involved, or check out the P & C notice boards around the school for further information.


Parents were asked to enter their details on mailing lists placed outside each classroom during the first week of the term. If you didn't add your details to the mailing list and wish to receive our correspondence, please send us an email at woodvalepandc@gmail.com


As we start our school's 30th Anniversary celebrations, we are aiming for a bumper fundraising year generated from lots of exciting events. Here are a few we have planned.

  • School Discos
  • Woodvale Primary School Recipe Book
  • School Fete (November 18th, 2017)
  • Student Portrait Tea Towels (Great Christmas gifts)

Information about these and other events will be posted on the P & C notice boards, FlexiBuzz, the school newsletter and information flyers sent home with students.


As well as fundraising for our school, we are also passionate about creating a great school community as well as being involved in the wider community.

Each year we hold a number of minimal profit events aimed at nurturing our school community. These include:

  • Easter Raffle
  • Cinema Night
  • Mother's Day and Father's Day stalls where students can select and buy a gift for their parent or care giver
  • Easter Picnic- In 2017 to be a 'student fun day' as Easter falls in the school holidays
  • Christmas Carols by Candlelight 

Take a look at the P & C notice boards around the school for further information.


Here are a few easy ways to help your P & C which will take no time at all:

Entertainment Book

Buy your entertainment book through the school.

Last year sales of the Entertainment Book raised $598.

Woodvale IGA P & C Loyalty Card

On each cash register at Woodvale IGA is a card linked to the P & C's loyalty card. Shoppers can simply ask the prerson serving them to scan the Woodvale Primary School card to that we can receive transaction points. We have recently been presented with a cheque for $1 000 from IGA for last year's loyalty rewards.

School Banking

Sign up for school banking and the school receives 5% commission of the value of each individual deposit made at school, up to a $10 commission.

Stationery Labels

We are currently in the process of registering a fundraising account with two well known online school stationery label suppliers. When ordering stationery labels, purchasers can enter a unique code at the checkout, giving the P & C a precentage of the value of goods as commission.


In 2016, the P & C Association raised an impressive $31 398.68

These funds have been used to purchase items requested by our teachers, for which the school's budget cannot extend to, but which benefit our students.

Item                           Amount Donated  
Computers and White Board $20 000
 Digital Camera  $1 200
 Sports Equipment  $1 000
 Grounds  $5 500
 BUZ Program  $2 400
 Graduation  $500
 TOTAL  $30 100






2017 P & C Committee

President                    Lyn Bohnen                   
Vice President  Leanne Aravidis
Secretary Nicole Milloy
Secretary Support Jo Craze 
Treasurer Catrin Heydegger Paraguassu
Treasurer Support Jennifer Claughton
Web Page/ Ad Hoc Jenny Lister
Short Term Events Fiona Pengelly
Special Events 2017 Sharon McKenzie

P & C Subcommittees 

Fete Sharon McKenzie
Community Kanchan Bhudia
Disco Fiona Pengelly
Grounds Richard Milloy
Banking  Jennifer Claughton
Book Cub Nina Huynh
Safety House Christine Yeu

30th Year Reunion- Supported by Executive

Rebecca Martindale  
Lyn Bohnen  
Neil McCallum  




















Fun Run, 2016

The 2016 WPS Fun Run was another outstanding event organised by our P & C Association. Music is used with the permission of Bensound.com.