Parent Involvement


Parent involvement is paramount in building a positive and supportive school community. Woodvale Primary has an established tradition of strong parent support and there are many opportunities for parents to participate. 

  • The P & C Association has another busy schedule in 2019. The Association oversees various committees and new members are always welcome.
  • The Year 6 Camp relies on parent involvement. Coordinators, Brett Barber and Corry Bewick can be contacted through the normal channels.
  • Excursions provide a unique opportunity for parents to interact with staff and students. 
  • A roster system operates in all Kindergarten and Pre-Primary Classrooms. Once again, this represents a terrific opportunity to interact with other parents, teachers and students.
  • Helping in the Classroom in any capacity can be very rewarding. Teachers, particularly in the junior grades, offer parents the opportunity to help with small-group activities.
  • Sports Days and Physical Education activities always require extra supervision.
  • The school Library is a real hub and a roster system is organised by our librarian, Liane Hogan.
  • The Science and Technology Centre has thrived because of parent support. Coordinator, Jenny Worth, can be contacted via the front office.
  • The Maths Centre located in Area 10 has expanded. Coordinator, Mandy Brosnan, can also be contacted via the usual channels.