Principal’s Update September 10


Yesterday students in Years 3 and 5 took home their NAPLAN report, accompanied by explanatory notes. NAPLAN is just one way schools collect information of student progress; there are many ways teachers assess and make judgements about student learning throughout the year. Schools do not receive the fine grained analysis of data for each student and cohort until the end of term. Staff will spend the first couple of weeks at staff meetings and collaborative team meetings interrogating this data so we can plan for improvement. If you have a concern, please make an appointment to see your child’s class teacher, as they have the best working knowledge of your child’s understandings and progress for this year.


For those of you who have not yet heard, our amazing MCS Jenny has decided she would like to spend more time engaging in the finer things in life, such as family time and incoming grandchildren. Jenny has been part of the Woodvale PS community for 30 years and is a highly valued member of our team. Jenny’s dedication to teachers, assistants, cleaning and gardening staff, students and families at Woodvale is to be commended. She is known for being ‘the glue that holds everything together’. Jenny is taking Long Service Leave next term and then will officially retire at the end of January 2022. Jenny, you will be sorely missed. From all of us, thank you for everything.


Sustainability is something that should always be on our minds. We all know humans generate too much trash for our planet. Waste that is not biodegradable goes into landfill and oceans. Here at Woodvale PS, we are encouraging students to come prepared with less trash, where possible. This is also assisting us with litter around the school, which is proving a problem at lunch times. At the last district network meeting, our staff discussed what other schools are doing. We heard stories from many schools who have implemented a ‘flipped lunch’ whereby students play first, then eat their lunch before going back into class.

North Woodvale PS call this ‘PLAY   EAT   LEARN’ and have noted a remarkable drop in litter blowing around the school with strategically placed labelled bins. Other bonuses that schools have reported are that students are returning to class calmer and ready to learn and less food is returning home as students don’t feel rushed to eat.

We would like to trial this in Term 4. More information will follow via a Connect notice.


It has been a tough 18 months around the globe. Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed with things happening around us. Don’t be afraid to speak to a friend, family member or someone you trust.

You never know how someone is doing, but all it takes is for you to ask the question. Yesterday marked R U OK? day. R U OK? Day is our national day of action dedicated to reminding everyone that every day is the day to ask, “Are you okay?” and support those struggling with life’s ups and downs. I hope we can work towards not just doing one day per year, but stay connected and regularly check in on each other.


Next Tuesday 14 and Thursday 16 September, a select group of athletes will represent Woodvale Primary School and compete in a variety of individual and team events. We wish our team good luck and know they will display excellent sportsmanship whilst competing at their best.


We have been advised by Kapture Photography that all portraits and class groups, sports and/or special team photos taken this year are still available for purchase.  Go to Sports and/ or special group photos will not be available for viewing and purchase after this school year.  


A gentle reminder our gates are locked at 3:15pm, so please make your way offsite by 3:10pm, unless you have an appointment booked with school personnel. If you are having a friendly chat with other parents during that 15 minutes, you are required to supervise your children and ensure they remain in sight at all times.

Families who require their children to arrive at school before or at 8am each day will be encouraged to book into before school care at Camp Australia so they are adequately supervised. We encourage students to arrive at 8:30am, when classroom doors open. Thank you for helping us keep our students safe.


Staff have ongoing discussions with students about bike safety and bike education. It would be beneficial if you could please also remind your child to slow down when riding on footpaths for their own and others’ safety, and to always wear a helmet.


Make sure you have diarised the Learning Journey for Wednesday September 22 in Week 10. Students have been working hard and you will be delighted to view their classes and work created and completed during the term. We open at 6pm and close at 7pm with a song from the choir.


Book Week was a whole lot of fun once again. Well done to those who dressed up. Thank you to Liane in the library for coordinating the Book Fair and thank you to all who made a purchase. It raised a bit over $4000, of which 40% comes back into our library. Enjoy the photos below.


Only two weeks to go until the values reward is announced! On Wednesday September 22, from 1-2pm we have a special surprise for our students. Stay tuned.


With footy fever alive in WA, despite the WA AFL teams not making the finals series, we have decided to have a free dress day on the last day of term, Friday September 24. Students are encouraged to dress in their favourite sporting colours and bring a gold coin donation. Monies collected will be donated to a designated charity as chosen by our Student Council.

Signing off as Captain Underpants

Lisa Wade