Principal’s Update – 15th March

Dear Parents and Carers

First term is going quickly and we only have less than three weeks left. The Year 3 and 5 students are busy practicing for the NAPLAN tests which will be held in week 4 next term. It’s been pleasing to see the Student Councillors and the Peer Mediators doing a great job around the school.

Public School Review. We have received the report from the Director who completed our review in March. I’m very pleased with feedback and commendations we were given. A copy of the report is on the school’s website for parents to view. The report will be used by the staff and school board to help us with future planning. The next review will take place in three years. Well done to everyone involved!

Merit Awards. Congratulations to the students who were presented with their Merit Awards last week. Harper S, Mitchell F, Juliette Y, James M, Quinn S, Clarice M, Lucy O, Liam M, Cora W, Beau S, Erin F, Lochlan F, Zac D, Jessica B, Elina P, Amelia C, Cooper D, Chase K, Aiobheann R, Henry G, Presley H, Henry G, Mahli M, Ashten W, Jethro J, Gage P, Beth G, Judd T, Celeste M, Ayush G, Kayla S.

P&C. Well done to the people who helped at the food stall at the school on Saturday. They raised over $1,300, a terrific effort.

Fathering Project. The organisers have organised some fantastic events for this year. The Beach Day Out is planned for early May. More details will be sent out nearer the time.

LED Lighting. The school’s lighting has been upgraded to LED lights recently. It certainly makes the classes brighter and we use less electricity.

School Photos. Kapture Photography are taking students’ photos today and tomorrow. It’s great to see all the lovely smiles!

Dogs. It would be appreciated if parents did not bring dogs onto school grounds. There are some staff who are allergic and some dogs may scare small students.

Kind regards

Neil McCallum