Principal’s Update – 30th March 2021

Harmony Day. Parents of Area 12 students and parents of students getting a Merit Award are invited to attend the Harmony Day assembly on Thursday. We still need to follow COVID-19 safety guidelines and families will need to socially distance in the undercover area. Area 12 students will be presenting their item. Students may wear orange or their cultural costumes on Thursday to celebrate our cultural diversity. We will photograph each year level and post the photos on Connect.

Friday Faction Fun. Its great to see so many students wearing their faction shirts on Fridays. The Year 4-6 students had their first sports challenge last Friday and the students shot soccer goals during their lunch break. Green and Red tied with 18 goals, then Blue with 15 and Gold with 11. Well done to all the students involved. The Faction Cup is now on display in the Library.

Camp Australia OSHC. I would like to thank the YMCA for the service they have provided to Woodvale PS families over the last six years. Camp Australia will be commencing their service from Monday 19th April, which is a School Development Day. I’m pleased to announce that Elizabeth Sweetman will be the supervisor for the centre. Elizabeth has been working for the YMCA at our school for some time and will provide a good transition to the new provider.

P&C Welcome Picnic. Well done to Jayde McIntosh and her helpers for the great picnic last Friday. everyone enjoyed the chance to meet other parents and enjoy the picnic atmosphere. The P&C raised over $800 from the sausage sizzle and raffle.

Anti Bullying Information

What is bullying?
Bullying is when one or more of the following things happen AGAIN and AGAIN to someone who finds it hard to stop it from happening again.
Bullying is when a person or a group of people offline or online (mobile phone or Internet):
• Make fun of or tease someone in a mean and hurtful way.
• Tell lies or spread nasty rumours about someone to try to make others not like them.
• Leave someone out on purpose or not allow them to join in.
• Hit, kick or push someone around.
• Deliberately damage, destroy or steal someone’s things.
• Threaten or make someone feel afraid of getting hurt.

What can I do if I think my children are being bullied at school?
• Try to talk with your children about what is going on
• Listen to their concerns and believe them
• Be aware of your own response and react in a calm and helpful manner
• Talk with your children’s teachers and calmly discuss the situation and some possible strategies
• Encourage your children to ask for help at school if they are being bullied, e.g. talk about who they could talk to at school, and how to ask for help.

Around the school photo gallery.

Important Dates

Friday 2nd March – Public holiday

Monday 19th April – School Development Day

Friday 23rd April – ANZAC Ceremony from 2.15 in the junior playground- all parents are invited.

Monday 25th April – ANZAC Day public holiday

Friday 30th April – Interschool Sport

5th-7th May – Year 6 Camp to Manjedal

11th-21st May – NAPLAN tests for Year 3 and 5 students.

I’d like to wish all families a safe and relaxing holiday and I look forward to seeing you next term.


Neil McCallum