Principal’s Update Aug 20 2021

Dear Parents and Carers


Wow! What an assembly it was yesterday! Our choir and instrumental music students put on a magnificent performance, what talent we have here at Woodvale. Well done to our students who have clearly put in hours of practice to get their pieces just right. Thank you to Mrs Speelman and our talented instrumental teachers for your time and effort you give to our music program. I am really looking forward to tonight’s ‘One Big Voice’ performance at Perth Arena. Good luck to our choir; you are stars in the making!


I am also looking forward to our faction athletics events next week. Thursday promises to be a jam-packed day of athletics activities. Please keep an eye out for the information on Connect from Mr P; he has outlined the program of events, maps and other details you will need. Thank you to the P&C who are coordinating lunches for the day, keep those orders coming in. Our P&C are also organising a coffee van and assisting staff to set up in the morning. It is appreciated.


At School Board this week we discussed many items, including: projected numbers and possible class structures 2022, staffing, the Department’s new Code of Conduct policy, school grounds, behaviour, a change in our maths program for 2022 and an updated Class Placement Policy. I will endeavour to edit the website to update these policies in due course. One of the Department’s integrated priorities is sustainability. It is our moral imperative to teach our students about reducing our impact on planet Earth. At the end of term, Mr McManus will be coordinating a waste audit. From there, we will be making some small, ‘doable’ changes at school. More information will be coming.

Faction names

I am excited to let the parent body know we are in the process of changing of our faction names. It is important the student body have ownership and a voice in this process, and for the faction names to have meaning. I am working with Mr Barber, Mrs Priestly and some Year 6 students to research our local area and present some potential names to the school, why these names have been selected, and then a voting process to make a decision.


A gentle reminder: please could you ensure your beloved pet remains outside the fence and is on a lead at all times. Please, when you secure your pet to the fence, it is not directly at a gate access. I love dogs too, however we have had a couple of incidents where students have been quite frightened in the last fortnight. Thank you for your support with this.

Merit Awards August 12 and 19 2021

Congratulations to the following star students:

August 12: Mason B, James M, Aadi N, Eddy G, Mark C, Tate J, Isabella M, Declan Y, Chloe W, Dylan K, Lucy F, Isla W, Jaxon M, Rowan M, Harry O, Bethany D, Nao T, Claire F, Ruby B, Madeline V, Taylor D, Jake C, Conor M, Jayden R, Cody M, Taya J, Ludmila V, Nate W, Ruby S, Yash G, Emma C.

August 19:Cody D, Anthony C, Finn R, Adelyn W, Ashley B ,Nyah H, Rafe P, Mia W, Akira W, Anara B, Dylan H, Lucia B, Ryder E, Jake D, Logan S, Noah K, Amy Y, Lily B, Alivia B, Calvin D, Aiden T, Latiah F, Natalia W, Jack M, Lacey H, Lochlan W, Bailey A, Jamie F, Chloe R, Keaton B.

See you next week at either the Book Week parade, the Book Fair or the athletics!

Kind regards

Lisa Wade