Principal’s Update Feb 24 2022

Welcome to Week 4! It has certainly been a most unusual month! Despite the organised chaos outside the classroom, we have a lot of amazing learning happening in our classrooms. Today I caught the Year 1 students in A4 with one shoe off as they were measuring their feet…I’m glad I kept my mask on. They were also measuring hands, books, pencils and other objects; you can see they were having a great time in maths. A4 had also completed some beautiful bird art with warm colours yesterday. Next door in PP2 I noticed some beaut hanging work: ‘mouse maths’ and some ‘first’ Pre-primary paintings.

I will endeavour to keep catching students engaging in their learning and post photos of class work that you can’t see at the moment!

Thank you for your diligence in reading the communications via Connect. As mentioned yesterday, there is a positive Covid case at Woodvale Secondary College and we are predicting some community spread. There are lots of schools now with a confirmed positive case and those Principals are following Department and Health advice as to who needs to isolate at home and test.

Please keep handy our Business Continuity Plan (with the different scenarios) and remember you can access this and the Home Learning tab on our website. Familiarise yourself with the ‘School based close contact’ infographic so you are confident you know the process. I will continue to keep you informed as best I can and as fast as I can, should a situation change.

Please email me or call Deb in the office if you or a family member has been contacted by Health.

  • Please do not send your child to school if they are unwell or are showing any signs of cough, headache, sore throat, runny nose, fever, sneezing or stomach/intestinal issues.
  • We know Omicron is more transmissible than the Delta variant. Keep reinforcing the hand washing!

COVID vaccinations: your vaccination status is your personal choice. We will only request evidence of your vaccination if you are regularly volunteering onsite (once per week) and we do not seek that information from our students. There seems to be a bit of fear-mongering regarding the vaccination of students.

Please be assured WE DO NOT VACCINATE students.

MASKS– any adult onsite is required to wear a mask. If you have an exemption, please contact me so that I can view that evidence.

BOARD: On Monday night the 8 members of our School Board met offsite. It was a very productive meeting with lots to discuss. I will load the minutes of the meeting onto the website when they’re ready. Much of the conversation was Covid-related. Other items on the agenda were the Stronger Communities grant application, illegal parking, our grounds, the air conditioning problem, staffing and leadership positions across the school, and Code of Conduct for our community. Yesterday I sent out a notice via Connect with 3 attachments that are now on our website:

  • Talking with my school;
  • School communities working together: Communication protocols; and
  • Woodvale Primary School Community Code of Conduct.

These documents can provide families with a direction as to who to talk to and will encourage our school-community to communicate respectfully. Thank you to Board members for the productive meeting.

STAFF MEETINGS: Yesterday’s staff meeting looked a little different than usual. We divided into 2 groups of 8, masked up and socially distanced. One group looked deeply into our literacy data and resourcing, with a focus on the new spelling program, PLD. The other group focussed on the implementation of our whole school plan in Digital Technologies to further develop our ‘21st Century Learners.’ Both groups spent some time editing the new Homework Guidelines, drafted to ensure we have a consistent approach across the school. I will post a separate notice with this attached.

PHOTOS: Mandy Brosnan is currently organising our photo schedule. We can continue with class photographs, however we are unable to coordinate sibling photographs this year due to the Covid cross-contamination and gatherings protocols. We have tried to think of ways around this, but nothing is practicable at this time. We have just changed one of the days to accommodate the composite Kindy/Pre-primary class. Photo dates: 15 and 17 March. Your teacher will let you know which day your class is scheduled.

NAPLAN: Students in Years 3 and 5 will bring home an information leaflet today. If you have any questions about NAPLAN, please email your class teacher. NAPLAN this year will be held in May and more detailed information will follow in due course.

PARKING: It has been brought to my attention that some of our families are parking illegally and dangerously. This was discussed at Board on Monday night as community members who live on our adjoining streets have reported ‘illegal parkers’ to us. Some have taken photos of number plates and referred these to the City of Joondalup. A Ranger has come out and has taken plate numbers of illegal parkers. City of Joondalup will start issuing infringements to those breaking the law and putting our students in danger. Early this morning before school there were 4 out of 6 parked cars parked facing the wrong direction. Please follow the road rules. Please be courteous to fellow drivers at pick up and drop off times and, above all, please be on the look out for our students as they make their way to their pick up points.

CANTEEN: Due to our ‘cross contamination’ guidelines, we need to change the delivery process for lunch orders.  Lunches continue to be delivered and kept in eskies until distribution at 1:10pm. I have been placing icypoles in the staffroom freezer, luckily there are not too many! The change we need to make for the time being, is that the lunch crates will need to be delivered to the classroom so we don’t have students from all over the school congregate at collection time.

*Please ensure your child’s lunch order displays their correct year level or their lunch will go to the wrong block.

WORKBOOKS: Thank you sincerely for organising payment/ using your credit for your child’s workbook. The class teachers are delighted they have been able to commence their programs with the whole class.

ASSEMBLY: Another ‘PA assembly’ done! Congratulations to the merit award recipients- you will receive a photo from your class teacher via Connect. Well done to our Year 6 student leaders who facilitated the assembly beautifully.

TUTUTUESDAY: Many of you know this week had a special date, 22022022, which fell on a ‘Twosday’. Some staff decided to celebrate this lucky day by wearing a tutu 😊

Kind regards

Lisa Wade