Principal’s Update – May 21st 2021

Merit Awards. Congratulations to the following students who were presented with their Merit Awards at the assembly:

Zac F, Sebastian W, Stella C, Jainil R, Audrey F, Charlotte S, Ollie T, Lacey Pownall, Eva C, Hollie M, Ruby M, Lacie H, Connor M, Adam S, Luke M, Cedric M, Declan T, Zac H, Amy L, Colton G, Emily G, Chloe R, Quinn M, Piya H, Savannah D, Flynn T, Vanessa T, Acacia M, Christian K.

Walk Safely to School Day. Well done to all the students and parents who were able to walk to school today and enjoy the yummy breakfast. Many thanks to Jayde McIntosh for her great help and to Mr McManus for organising the food. Thank you to the staff who prepared the breakfast. It was a big success!

NAPLAN. Well done to all the Year 3 and 5 students who completed their NAPLAN tests over the last two weeks. I know they did their best and we look forward to the results in August.

Request. There are a number of students coming to school before 8.30. We cannot provide supervision until 8.30 and would appreciate it if parents could ensure your children do not arrive on school grounds until then. It would also be appreciated if parents could leave the school grounds promptly by 3.10pm as the gardener needs to lock the gates. Thank you for your cooperation.

Bullying Prevention (From Friendly Schools Plus)

Communicating effectively with your children:
It is important to discuss bullying with your children on a regular basis. Regular communication with a person
they trust and respect will help them form their own opinions and beliefs about bullying. Your children will also
feel more comfortable telling you if they are being bullied.
Consider trying some of these ideas to improve the way you talk with your children about tricky issues.
Sit shoulder to shoulder or walk with your child as you talk.

• Talking face to face can be quite confrontational. Sitting or walking side by side will encourage both you and
your child to talk freely.
Use open-ended questions
• It is easy to ask your child if they had a good day or if they would like toast for breakfast; however these
questions only require a yes or no answer.
• Try asking questions such as “What did you do today?” or “What would you like for breakfast?” These types of
questions encourage discussion between you and your child.
Talk with your children about what to do rather than what not to do
• It is common for us to focus on negative behaviour, such as “don’t step in that puddle” or “stop swinging on
your chair”.
• Try telling your children what you would like them to do rather than what you don’t want them to do.
• You can do this by using positive statements such as “please step over the puddle” or “please put the chair legs
on the floor”.

Crazy Socks Day. Students are encouraged to wear crazy socks to school next Wednesday 26th May and to bring a gold coin donation for the Kalbarri Cyclone Relief Fund.

Kindy-Year 3 Friday Fitness Fun. Starting next Friday, the Year 1-Year 3 students will participate in a fitness session in the undercover area from 8.50-9.00. Parents are welcome to come along and join in. Kindy student will do their session in Kindy 2 from 2.40.

Runners Club. Mr Puccinelli has organised a Runners Club which will start next Tuesday 25th May from 8.15-8.30 on the oval. Parents are also invited to join in.

Spelling Bee and Public Speaking Competition. Selected Year 4-6 students will be competing in a public speaking competition and a Spelling Bee at our school first, then against the Woodvale Network Schools in term three.

Book Fair. Thank you to Mrs Hogan and the P&C for organising the Book Fair for today. It was very popular and lots of books were purchased.

Dates. Parents are reminded that Monday 7th June is the WA Day public holiday. In addition, Monday 19th July will be School Development Day.


Neil McCallum