Principal’s Update November 1

Dear Parents and Carers

Just a reminder that tomorrow, Monday 2nd November, is a School Development Day and students are not required to attend.

Class Placement Requests for 2021.         


Consideration of this process is undertaken by staff in fourth term.

The Principal, after consultation with key staff, is responsible for the final decision on the class structure in the school. Parents will be informed of the class structure for 2020 later this term.

Should there be more than one class in a particular year level, or the need to form a split grade class, the professional judgement of the Principal, administration team and relevant teaching staff from the previous year will decide the placement of individual students. The Principal will have the final decision on the individual placement of students.

Factors that will be considered in the placement of students include:

  • gender
  • social network
  • work habits e.g. ability to work independently
  • academic performance
  • social maturity
  • behaviour
  • previous class placements
  • special needs e.g. twins, family situation
  • school psychologist recommendation
  • written parent submissions

Parent Requests

Parents are invited to submit a written request with respect to class placements. The submissions are to be based on educational reasons and addressed to the “Principal” by Friday 20th November. All written requests will be given consideration but not automatically accommodated.

Class lists will be available by the end of Term 4 with the proviso that they are subject to change should enrolments or other factors change during the summer break or early in Term One.

Year 3 Showcase. I would encourage all parents to view the wonderful work from the Year 3 students on the website. Well done to Mrs Mercovich, Miss Mortimer and Mrs Brown for sharing the students’ work.

Year 6 Swimming Lessons. Could I remind all Year 6 parents to return your child’s form for swimming lessons this week please. The year 6’s will be going to Mullaloo Beach for their lesson in weeks 7 and 8.

Area 11 Sewing. Well done to Mrs Cutler and the Year 5 students for their excellent sewing as part of their Technology lessons. Thank you also to all the parents who helped the students.

Merit Awards. Congratulations to the Merit Award recipients from last week’s assembly:

Liam M, Tate J, Ellie P, Bailey H, Dylan K, Josephine T, Abigail Z, Eva C, Amy Y, Dominic Z, Mason G, Oliver C, Connor M, Riley W, Kaiden H, Luke M, Billy V, Conor M, Judd T, Gabe D, Taylor B, Brodie B, Sophie O, Celeste M, Indyana W, Abbie R, Chloe F, Zac H.

Colour Run. I understand that the P&C have already raised over $8,000 for the Colour Run. Thank you to everyone who has provided sponsorship so far! The students are looking forward to this fun day on Friday 20th November from 1.30. All parents are invited to join in the fun on the day. Students can wear their white T-shirts to school on the day.

Kindy Orientation for Parents. Parents of Kindy students in 2021 are invited to the Orientation session on Wednesday 11th November at 9.00 in the Library.

COVID-19. We are looking forward to the Premier making an announcement about moving to Phase 5 shortly. Carols by Candlelight may not go ahead at this stage. The P&C are looking at holding a cake stall instead. The Year 6 Graduation will go ahead.

Staff Change. With Miss McNeill taking leave for the last five weeks of term, and I’m pleased to announce that Miss Black will be acting Deputy Principal. I’m sure you join me in wishing Miss McNeill all the best for the birth of her twins in February. Mrs Teresa-Lyn Cole will teach Mondays and Tuesdays in A12 for the last five weeks.

Literacy Pro Badge Winners. Congratulations to the badge winners from last week!

100 Points

Sarah S, Claire P, Peyton H, Callum J, Macy M, Ashley F, Christopher T

150 Points

Zac H, Callum J, Nathan M, Aiden T

200 Points

Ranveer R, Gage P

 600 Points

Ila-Grace A


Neil McCallum