Science Week 2020

National Science Week this year gave us the opportunity to increase our communities’ understanding and engagement with ocean science, whilst supporting young people being active in science-driven research and innovation which can prepare them for the jobs of the future.

This year the school theme was ‘Deep Blue: Innovation for the Future of our Oceans’. Australia’s vast oceans are at the heart of the energy, food and economic future of our country. Their value to all Australians is matched only by the enormous economic and environmental wealth afforded us by this national asset.

Science Week aims to encourage an interest in science and STEM among the general public, and this year, it aimed to encourage younger people to become fascinated by our planet’s oceans, which cover two-thirds of its surface and help control its weather systems and the make-up of the atmosphere. At Woodvale PS, students discovered and envisioned a range of creative solutions to real-world ocean scenarios.