STEM in PP 2 and Area 4

In PP 2 the children were given the challenge to: plan, design and create an animal that is able to stand,  using junk materials and simple tools. The first step the children took was to research and investigate animals and place them into categories (Australian, wild, Pets and Farm)  They then generated and recorded their design ideas and made a plan of their proposed animal construction. After this the fun really began! The children used boxes and various other junk materials to construct their animal. They were even lucky enough to have their Year 5 buddies help them paint their creations. To complete the challenge the children had to explain how their made their animal and the various steps taken. They also had to state whether their animal could stand on its own or not, and if it could / could not, explain why or why not!   

STEM in Area 4 

Students in A4 have been learning about the needs of farm animals. Students created a map of a farm using a Bee Bot grid placing the animals in different locations. They have been using Bee Bots to learn how to code by sending their Bots to various places on the farm. Students will be continuing learning how to code for the remainder of this term.