Information Technology


Information and Communications Technology is an integral part of student learning in the 21st century. A key focus of our Statement of Purpose is the flexibility to adapt to and manage change in order to provide meaningful learning experiences for our students. This process requires sound ICT infrastructure and organised professional development for our staff. 


  • A comprehensive upgrade of all cisco switches was completed in 2016. This allows the streaming of movies and large files via the internet and school data bases.

  • Woodvale now has 180 networked PCs throughout the school, including 32 machines located in a permanent laboratory.

  • WiFi installation throughout the school. 

  • Two 'mobile' laptop laboratories utilising WiFi connectivity are now in operation. (64 machines- including 32 MacBook Pros)

  • An Apple server to facilitate integration. 

  • iPad access for coding and robotics.

  • Woodvale now has 23 interactive whiteboards, servicing every classroom in the school.

  • The Woodvale Primary E-Classroom is now online, allowing parents a unique opportunity to access student work.


  • Staff will be provided with professional learning opportunites, designed to integrate Apple and Windows Technology.

  • Professional development targeting Apple applications such as Garage Band, iMovie, Keynote and iBook development.

  • Professional development targeting Windows applications such as FrontPage and Excel.

  • Professional development to create collaborative data bases.

  • Professional development to utilise Content Management Systems and Coding.