Japanese has been part of the curriculum at Woodvale Primary School for more than a decade. The madatory introduction of the LOTE (Languages Other Than English) program by the Education Department was introduced to encourage the learning of different languages at primary level.

Japanese also links closely with another system initiative, Access Asia. Key elements of this initiative are to establish connections with an Asian country and to 'immerse' students in both the language and culture of that country.

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The Japanese program at Woodvale is coordinated by Ms Corinne Black. Corinne brings a unique teaching focus to the Japanese program by incorporating role play and drama into each lesson. Students from years 1-6 are taught in the Specialist Japanese Centre.Scholarships are also offered to year 6 students graduating to Woodvale Secondary College in 2018.

Important Outcomes

  • Listening, responding and speaking in Japanese
  • Viewing and reading simple text in Japanese
  • Writing hiragana, the initial writing system first taught to children in Japan. Hiragana uses simple words and sentences and is introduced almost immediately after students commence the course
  • Understanding the culture and geography of Japan
  • Learning the structure and meaning of Japanese
  • Using communication skills to convey meaning

The program incorporates pair and group work, role play and games to develop basic conversational skills. Situational themes are also used to develop vocabulary and simple grammar skills.