Music enjoys a high profile at Woodvale Primary School. It is an important area of the Arts and all students participate in a range of musical experiences. Music specialist, Jolanda Speelman, coordinates all facets of the program which caters for students at various levels.

Whole school 'community singing' has also been a feature of recent school assemblies. Special music assemblies also combine the choral and instrumental groups, allowing students to perform on a regular basis.

Instrumental Program

In year 5 students are tested and then selected to play a range of instruments. Those who demonstrate an aptitiude and enthusiasm for music receive tuition from specialist instrumental teachers who visit the school to conduct lessons.

In 2018, Woodvale students will engage in a range of instrumental programs, including guitar, flute, trumpet and clarinet. Instrument hire is available for year 6 students. 


There is one combined choir at the school, comprised of students in years 4-6. Woodvale has participated in several music festivals over recent years, with particular emphasis on the massed choir festival at Winthrop Hall and the West Coast Song Festival. Choir members are required to attend two rehearsals each week.

Classroom Music

All students participate in music workshops. These workshops focus on singing, movement, dance and listening activities. Senior students also engage in various computer-based programs to enrich their musical experience.

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Instrumental Lessons 2018

Guitar:  Monday 11.00 am-12.00 pm
Mr Perry

Flute:  Thursday
10.40 am- 11.40 am
Mrs Muller

Clarinet:  Thursday 
1.10 pm - 2.10 pm
Mrs Powell

Brass:  Friday 
11.15 am - 2.15 pm
Mr Mullane