Dear Parents

Welcome to the K-P E-Classroom. This is a brand new venture for Kindergarten and Pre-Primary. Our main aim throughout the year is to keep you informed and engaged with what your children are learning. We will be posting videos, student work samples, notes, photographs, slide shows and an array of what we hope is useful information.

You will also find links to external websites which we use as part of our teaching. Please feel free to contact us via the CONTACT link located on the top right navigation bar.

Fiona Boath, Bronwyn Clark, Shylie Elliott, Deborah Howe, Sara Foster, Elizabeth Todd & Gemma Beale 

PP Assembly, 2013

Mrs Elliott conducting both pre-primary classes in a unique rendition of "All I Want for Christmas is a Hippopotamus".

Over My Shoulder

Assembly presentation with our buddies in Area 15.