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We are very excited about the E-Classroom! Throughout the year, we hope to post samples of our interactive stories, videos, photo galleries, assembly items and a wide range of classroom work. Another new venture for both year 1 classes will be the 'Buddy' program.  As our students grow in confidence, we will post a link via the E-Classroom so parents can track the progress of their children.

We hope to keep you informed with little anecdotes and interesting stories throughout the year.

Kim Elson

Anthea Bouhlas

Trish Allen

Caryn Toutountzis

Yellagonga, 2016

Our Year 6 buddies joined us on our ramble through Yellagonga Park.

Easter Egg Hunt.. 2016

Mrs De Lange's Year 1 class with their Year 6 buddies in Area 16. Music is used with the permission of

Harmony Day, 2015

The Junior Block celebrated Harmony Day by engaging in fun, collaborative activities. Video was recorded on the Canon IXUS cameras.

Year 1 Mathematics

Filmed by Mrs Elson and Mrs Allen on the IXUS Canon cameras, this video showcases the 'hands-on' approach to Mathematics in our year 1 classes.

Year 1 Assembly, 2014

Learning mathematical concepts through music and games.

Playing With Things... Assembly, 2013

Mrs Elson and Mrs Lawry have introduced popular games played by school students in the sixties, seventies and eighties. The hula hoop, hop-scotch, the ancient ‘sport’ of marbles and ‘leg elastic’ have all been big hits with our year 1 students. The video posted below has been produced in iMovie with footage captured by our new Canon IXUS cameras.