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We are very excited about our E-Classroom homepage. It is a great way to share some of the things we get up to in year 4. Throughout 2017, our students will participate in a wide range of 'fun' and educational activities. These will inlcude many incursions, excursions and 'learning experiences'. The E-Classroom will enable us to keep you informed and updated on some of these experiences.

We hope to keep the E-Classroom informal and engaging. 

Julie Mercovich

Jade Mortimer


The Lorax, 2014

Lachlan S stars in this unique interpretation of The Lorax.

Mrs Brown, March... 2013

The story of King Richard who was eventually banished from the kingdom! Lilly Gray, Ana Soleimani and Rebekah Skuba (year 7) produced the video.

Year 3/4 Assembly, 2012

Recorded by Hamish Smith and Ben Lewis( year 7), this assembly item transports the audience back to the 'olden days'.


Year 4, Area 7 Assembly- 2012

An alternative version of Little Red Riding Hood, performed by Mrs Brown's year 4 class.