44 000 allied soldiers died during the Gallipoli campaign. Of the dead, 8 709 were Australians and 2 701 were New Zealanders. Over 60 000 Australians died during World War 1, including those who lost their lives at Gallipoli.

7_Poppies.jpgTASK 1:

The First Day introduced our young Australian troops to the horrors of war. Watch Anzac Landing in 3D linked at the commencement of the task and identify the key events that took place at Anzac Cove on the first day of the Gallipoli campaign.

Gallipoli... Movie... Opening and Closing Scenes

Task 2:

Personal Accounts written by ANZAC soldiers at Gallipoli provide us with a different view of history. Read through the personal accounts linked at the commencement of the task and compile a set of interesting facts and observations.