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Due Wednesday, August 15th

e9a61d7d41f386a02abc9d487d19.jpgAustralia's Banknotes...

  • Australia's currency notes are printed by Note Printing Australia.
  • The notes are printed on polymer substrate, which is a type of film.
  • With the growth of digital printing and technology, counterfeiters can reproduce paper banknotes more easily than ever before.
  • Polymer banknotes are a deterrent to the the counterfeiter as they are much more difficult and time-consuming to copy. The clear window in each note is also hard to replicate.
  • They are more secure, cleaner and more durable than paper notes.


  •  Write the names of the people who feature on both the front and back of each Australian bank note. (The $5.00 note is unique because it has a building on one side.)
  • Write a brief biography of each person.
  • Why do you think they were selected to feature on our national currency?

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Click here to obtain more information on the people who feature on  Australian Bank Notes



TASK 2e9a61d7d41f386a02abc9d487d19.jpg

  • From time to time, new notes are introduced into circulation. The $100.00 note is the most recent.
  • The Reserve Bank of Australia and the Royal Mint have decided to introduce a $500.00 note and are looking for two worthy candidates.
  • They have decided to identify one male and one female candidate.
  • Your TASK is to select the best two candidates shorlisted on the right hand column and write a 150 word biography on your two choices. Briefly (50 words) explain why you have chosen each one.