Year 6

P1010214.JPGThe E-Classroom provides a terrific opportunity to showcase some of the fantastic work produced by our year 6 students. In addition to assembly items and photo galleries, we hope to post many examples of our work throughout the year. If you have relatives or friends overseas, you can also post a link to them. 

With our year 6 cohort graduating to secondary school in 2018, the final year at primary school will be a challenging one. As the most senior students at WPS, newly elected leaders will be expected to perform a number of important roles throughout the year. 

The Point Peron Camp, located south of Rockingham, will take place in week 8 of term 1. Information and videos can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

Year 6 Camp

The E-Classroom is a 'work in progress'. It is another way for our students to 'find an audience' for their ideas and to engage with other people.

Brett Barber / Jade Mortimer



Year 6 Dinner/Dance... 2016

Recorded at the Joondalup Reception Centre.... December, 2016

Buddies at Christmas... 2010

Our graduating cohort discussing Christmas as Pre-Primary students.

Les Miserables... 2016

Area 16 deliver a stirring rendition of "Do You Hear The People Sing?"

The Entertainer.... 2016

Lachlan Smith dazzles the audience with "The Entertainer".