Active Learning Projects

Homework Topics... Term 4

You will need to select one of the three topics below as your Term 4 homework assignment. The topics are 'open ended' and this will allow you to use your creativity and imagination. 

DUE:  Wednesday, November 21st

Ripley's Believe It Or Notripleys-believe-it-or-not-key-west-fl-1.jpg

Compile a 'dossier' of interesting facts or events that are true... but have that element of 'unbelievability' about them. The Ripley's website is an excellent resource but don't confine yourself to the internet  as your only source of information. Your presentation may be 'thematic', focusing on a particular area of interest. Sport, space travel, the animal kingdom or pop music are examples. You may also choose to include a random 'dossier', covering facts and events across a wide range of areas.


Conspiracy Theories and Other MysteriesFake.jpg

The world is alive with conspiracy theories and unexplainable mysteries. Alien abductions, a 'fake news' moon landing, the Bermuda Triangle and Lizard People are just some of the areas to explore. Your task is to discover the 'real truth'. 




My Science Projectimages.jpg

Design and make a product, tool or 'implement' that performs a useful function. The aim of this project is to produce something that has a practical application and actually works. Include a 'file' containing a drawing/diagram of your 'product', a brief written description (100 words) and a simple 'marketing plan'. In other words, how would you sell your product to someone else?