An Australian

Due Wednesday, August 15th

australia_boy.jpgAustralia is a multi-cultural country. There are immigrants from all over the world who have made their homes in "The Lucky Country." Over time, immigrants become part of the community and make an enormous contribution to Australian life. They also take on characteristics that make them uniquely Australian. 

Read some of the personal stories of 'new' Australian citizens to help you understand why people from different backgrounds choose to make Australia home. 

It is your task to explore the question.... "What is an Australian?"

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Interview an Adult Immigrant

Subject: An adult who has immigrated to Australia

Task 1

Compile a set of interview questions to establish why your subject came to Australia. You will need to identify the similarities and differences between Australia and their country of origin.

Sample Questions:

  • What 'factors' attracted you to Australia? 
  • What factors motivated you to leave your own country?
  • What were some of the challenges faced? 
  • What were your first impressions?
  • What do you miss about your country of origin?
  • What don't you miss?
  • Was it a good decision to emigrate?
  • Will you return to your homeland to live at some point in the future?
  • How has your 'way of life' changed?
  • Do you feel Australian?
  • Do your children or other members of your family feel the same?


Use your answers to write a one page typed report on your subject. Include background information such as the length of time your subject has been in Australia and other personal details you might think are important or interesting.

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Interview a Young Immigrant

Subject: A young person who has immigrated to Australia

Task 2

Compile a different set of questions to target the point of view of a young person who has emigrated from another country. It is important that your subject has a clear memory of their homeland.

Sample Questions:

  • What do you miss about where you came from?
  • What do you like most about where you have come to?
  • What don't you like?
  • Are you able to enjoy a similar lifestyle in Australia? How is it different?
  • Do you have the same choices regarding sport, entertainment and technology?
  • How does the weather compare?
  • Compare 'school life' in Australia to your previous school.
  • Do you remain connected to your family overseas?
  • How does your house in Australia compare with your previous residence?
  • Have you established good friendship groups in Australia? Do you remain in contact with 'old' friends?
  • Would you consider returning to your country of birth to live? Why? Why not?


Use your answers to write another one (1) page typed report similar to the requirements indicated in Task 1. Don't forget to include some background information on your subject.

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Interview an Australian Citizen

Subject: An Australian citizen, born and raised in Australia

Task 3

Your questions should be directed at what it means to be Australian. For this activity you will need to ask your subject about Australian 'values' such as giving everyone a 'fair go', looking after your 'mates' and helping those who are in need. Australians also have a unique sense of humour and share similar cultural and personal characteristics. If your subject has travelled, what comparisons can be made between Australia and other places they have visited? If you know an indigenous Australian, ask them if they would like to be your interview subject.

Sample Questions

  • What are some things that you like about being Australian?
  • Is Australia a good place to live? Why? Why not?
  • What are some 'characteristics' that give Australians their unique character? (Australian humour... Australian sayings..etc)
  • Can you think of anything you don't like about Australians?... Or Australia?
  • Australia has been called, 'The Lucky Country". What do you think that means?
  • What is your opinion on how we treat refugees? 
  • What is your opinion on how we treat aboriginal people?
  • Has Australia changed very much over recent years? How?
  • If you didn't live in Australia, where would you like to live? Why?
  • Have you travelled much in Australia? Do you have a favourite place? 
  • Most Australians live in cities. Why do you think they choose to live in a large city and not the country?
  • Do you have friends who come from other countries? What makes them a good friend? 


Write a third one page report using the answers from the questions you have asked. Once again, it is important to provide some background information on your interviewee.