The Day I Was Born


Find out about the day you were born. To complete this assignment, you must address the questions below and complete the research task on the Publisher template provided in your file.


strong-baby-420x0.jpgPersonal Details

  • Full name
  • Year I was born
  • Date I was born
  • Time I was born
  • Weight
  • Length
  • Hospital
  • Doctor
  • Other relevant information.. (Bald?  Hairy? Noisy?)
  • Age Caluclator

cute-baby-wallpaper-3.jpgShared Birthdays

Find 3 people who share your birthday and write a brief (50 word) biography about them.

Celebrity Birthdays

Famous Birthdays Events

Identify some historical events that have occurred on your birthday and write a brief summary of 3 such events.

This Day in History

History Net

History Orb

155009909_4x3.jpgPopular Culture