Year 3 Showcase

Below are photos of what the fabulous Year 3s have been up to in class.

Area 6

Flat Stanley’s were born on was born on the 25th of September in Area 6. First we took Flat Stanley on a class picnic to Timberlane Park. We had lots of fun playing with Flat Stanley. We played with Flat Stanley on the play equipment. The girls made Flat Stanley a daisy necklace.    

Then later that day Flat Stanley came home with us for the holidays.    

Flat Stanley went on lots of adventures all over W.A.

This term we are having fun presenting our talks on Flat Stanley’s Adventures.

In Design & Technology and Geography we had fun designing and making 3D Famous Landmark from Around the World.

We made the following 3D Famous Landmark from Around the World- Mt Fuji; Amazon Rainforest; Statue of Liberty; The Leaning Tower of Pisa; The Eiffel Tower; Big Ben; African Safari and The Sydney Harbour Bridge.

In our first ‘TALLEST TOWER’ STEM activity we had to make the tallest, cheapest tower out of newspaper and masking tape. Every piece of newspaper and tape you had to purchase.

Our second ‘TALLEST TOWER’ STEM activity we had to make the tallest tower out of three pieces of newspaper and four  pieces of masking tape.

Area 5

On 3rd August, the Years Threes journeyed all the way to Kalamunda to visit the History Village. We were very excited to learn new things about “the Olden days”!

Each week in A5, we partner test each other on our Spelling words. We have become very good at working together cooperatively to practise our words.

On 27th August, we had the Start Smart Incursion as presented by Commonwealth Bank. We were extremely interested to learn about using our money wisely by following the motto “Spend some on you and save some, too!”.

With the hard work and support of the fantastic Mrs Watson, we have been creating Picasso inspired faces using clay. Recently we were able to begin painting them and we are so excited to see the finished product!

Area 9

At the start of the year, our chairs went on strike and the class had to write a persuasive text, so the chairs would let us sit on them again.  You can see the class is busy writing their persuasive arguments on their knees, so the chairs come back.

In Term 3, we learnt about fractions and how they can be shown on a number line.  The class were put into pairs and they had to assemble number lines using fractions such as ½, 1/3, ¼, 1/5 and even 1/10.   They did a great job!

In August, we celebrated Book Week by dressing up as a character.  Here are a few of the costumes.  Can you guess which characters they are?